live band for your wedding party or corporate event

Book a Live Band for your Christmas Party

Organising a Christmas Party is hard. There are many facets to making a party great. I have performed at literally thousands of parties and events, and from all my years of experience, I can summarise the three elements to make your Christmas Party (or any celebration) a success.

The Three Elements That Will Make Your Party a Success.

  • Good Food
  • Plenty to Drink
  • Engaging Entertainment
Christmas Party Planning

Good Food and Plenty to Drink

Surprisingly, the space in which you hold your party will have a minimal influence on whether or not your party will be a success. Naturally, if you hire a venue to supply food and drinks, then this will be influential, but the actual space is of little consequence to your party being a success.

live band for your wedding party or corporate event

Engaging Entertainment

A high quality, fun band with a repertoire of classic pop and rock songs will tip your party from an event that staff feel obliged to attend, to a memorable night talked about in future years. Never underestimate the value of hiring a live band.

Here are some recent clips of Slide McBride performing live.

On a cold winter’s afternoon in Terrey Hills
Three-piece combo on the streets of Marrickville
Two-piece combo on the streets of Artarmon

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