The full line-up of “Slide McBride” is a 4-piece band.

The full band line-up consists of Slide McBride (the person) on vocals, trombone, trumpet, ukulele/guitar, along with (i) drummer (ii) bass player, & (iii) guitarist.

Slide McBride has the flexibility to add or subtract band members.

The band can be extended to a 5-piece by adding either (i) a female singer, or (ii) a saxophone player.

The band can also cut down to 3-piece or 2-piece.

Slide McBride (the person) can also perform as a solo artist.


Pricing is based on a “per player” basis.

On a Saturday night, a minimum booking is 4 hours, and then the booking can be extended on a “per player/per hour” basis.

At other times, a minimum booking is for 3 hours, with the option of extending the booking on a “per player/per hour” basis.

For More Information, please get in touch…

Call/Text: 0415 104 238

Email: [email protected]